Placitas Land and Homes
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Placitas Land and Homes - photo Wildflowers ©2002 Gary W. Priester

©Gary W. Priester
You can always tell fall has arrived when the Aspens at the top of Sandia Mountain turn golden yellow.

Icicles  ©2005 Julie Denison

©2005 Julie Denison
Magical icicles from the March 2005 surprise
snowstorm that left over 14” of snow in Placitas.

Placitas Land and Homes - Las Huertas Creek in Fall ©2002 Julie Denison

©Julie Denison
Fall color along Las Huertas Creek about 15 minutes
east of Placitas Village.

Placitas Land and Homes - photo Wild Morning Glories ©2002 Gary W. Priester

©Gary W. Priester
Cheerful wild Morning Glories grow along the road
and fields in spring and again in the Fall.

Placitas Land and Homes - photo Aspens ©2005 Julie Denison

©2005 Julie Denison
A surprise March snowstorm dumped over a foot of snow.

photo Fall Aspens along Highway 165 ©2002 Julie Denison ©Julie Denison
More fall color along Highway 165 as it
crosses Sandia Mountain.